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Cabinet Hardware Guys is fully registered with the relevant authorities and has many years of expert experience dealing with cabinet hardware.Architects builders continue to depend on our unparalleled quality and craftsmanship through the guiding philosophy of originality on the consumer’s view. We at Cabinet Hardware Guys have diversified our clientele beyond the normal to designed homes marine and aircraft environments with usage of cabinets.


Industrial and professional affiliations

Organisations and industries with diversifications similar to ours at Cabinet Hardware Guys will always remain our consultative partners to enhance a similarly diverse product line and customer base that we serve. We ensure the profession’s best practices by maintaining highly trained and knowledgeable team of experts who set the standards in manufacture of products. For any information required on our products talk to our experts on 888-422-5598.Our organisations also maintain links with bodies concerned with copyright and retail regulation to ensure working within the law.


Components of cabinet hardware

The scope of cabinet hardware is large and diverse ranging from minute detailing such as bolts and nuts to mega sized products such as reinforced glass, all of which can be found at Cabinet Hardware Guys premises and for any inquiry of a product dealing with cabinet hardware contact us anytime through 888-422-5598.

For expert advice, consultancy and high quality cabinet hardware products call the line 888-422-5598.

Cabinet Hardware

This notwithstanding the most widely used products considering demand are handles, pulls, knobs, catches and latches, locks, hinges, stays, brackets and hooks and ball bearing drawer slides for cabinets. This is just a small though the most significant composition of cabinet hardware products and is even bound to grow anytime the end user places a custom made order which can be placed through 888-422-5598.

Even long after purchasing a cabinet the list of its hardware components cannot be limited to a definite number since modifications can still go on without altering the original design. This can be achieved by adding hardware such as magnetic hooks and rings for hanging towels and other cabinet bound clothing. Such additional hardware components can be found at Cabinet Hardware Guys and custom orders can be made through 888-422-5598 anytime.

Other major components of cabinet hardware are materials used mainly in coating, shelling, casing or sealing the whole or partially visible part of the cabinet.They include among others;Formica,marble, reinforced steel, pebbles of ornamental metals e.g. diamonds. This is a technique used mostly when the consumer wants to customize the cabinet and its hardware and at the same time cut on costs.

Whether proudly displaying trophies and other show pieces, hiding files at work places or storing kitchenware goods cabinets need well fitted components that augur well in terms of colour material quality and style of fitting so as to bring out the intended theme. Generally it is the hardware components that sum up the quality, design and appeal of any cabinet or as designers call it in few words, the hardware component has the” surprise package” in any cabinet.

Contact Cabinet Hardware Guys on 888-422-5598 and you will get quality cabinet hardware.

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